Shit just got really rough and she couldn’t control her anger. It’s sad, I agree. Sometimes I think about her but we’ve both moved on to bigger, better things now. No hard feelings anymore.

Im not guna to lie I been seeing what's been going on for a while now & to be honest people have been on u & lilys ass for so long now. People change, opinions change, things happen & u learn from them. I wish ppl would just let u guys be happy💁

I know!!! Lol thank you, I appreciate this.

Lol okay.

Lol k. Because people can’t change and grow up.. You right breh

No I’m perfectly fine without her.

Last time I checked me and J didn’t have a rocky friendship.. Lol and no I don’t think that because we’re all adults. Lc and J are both mature. They don’t care who I’m friends with.